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If you don’t know where to go, just take the car, leave and don’t look backwards. That was our mindset when we started recording our first videoclip. Something that has always inspired me are people who have something in their mind and just do it without thinking too much about it. I draw a nice parallel here to Kerouac and Bukowski (On the Road & Factotum); those books and writers inspired me to sometimes make stupid decisions without immediately assuming that the consequences are stupid and would hurt your beloved ones. As a result, we drove 2500 km in two days, saw dreamy landscapes, drove behind the sunsets and were stuck in a big forest in the fog. We came to the essence of the song by just living the song.

Thanks to the expertise of the videographer (Gilles Claes aka ZetaPictures) and the good vibes of the boys, all this has come to a good end. Gilles knew perfectly when and how to film, without forcing anything. We, too, never felt we had to force anything.

The Clip is currently being edited and we can’t wait to share our first single with you guys.

16 march is the date X

Gilles Claes aka Zetapictures //










To record an album, that’s like a long-term relationship. You have to work on it and you have to be able to make compromises. It was a long start-up process, but we are very blessed and delighted that we can work with Klaas Tomme as our producer. Klaas is a born and true musician/producer and loves to record analogue. He uses classical recording techniques to produce a song as honest and pure as possible. At one point during a session he said: “the less a song needs to sound good, the better it is”. He never overkills a song and he takes away the parts that are irrelevant.
Klaas’ studio is located on the edge of Ghent. It is a studio built in his house which always has a warm atmosphere. It has the typical artistic vibe that certainly has an added value in the recording process. The huge collection of physical music, analogue pedals, synthesizers, old beautiful guitars and amplifiers give us so much inspiration. Furthermore, the studio has a certain peace where you can work with a lot of focus.
Thanks to Klaas, we also had the chance to have our first single mastered by Barry Grint. Barry has worked in the famous Abbey Road Studios alongside artists such as Madonna, Prince, Oasis, Bon Jovi, David Bowie, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Paul McCartney.









Because we already play together as a band from a very young age, we have continued several phases. At each stage there was a different place to rehearse and it always had its influence on our sound and style. At one point we rehearsed in a small/trashy rehearsal room without heating and its influence on our music was so immense that we didn’t play anymore for a while. That was when we came to the conclusion that if we wanted to improve, we had to find a solid place to rehearse.
It was therefore an enrichment when we were allowed to become an artist in residence in Destelheide. This place offers us not only huge rehearsal spaces and facilities, but also a mighty environment with forests and greenery around us. This tranquility and beauty will only stigmatise us even more to fine-tune our sound.




You feel as light as a feather that can be blown away by the slightest gust of wind. When you close your eyes, you see yourself lying in your bed with the velux open, bon iver his 2nd plate on top and soft kisses in your neck. You can see the city sparkle in the distance vaguely through the night as you look secretly at her tender body. You see yourself looking through her eyes and you know that those shimmering eyes are burned in your retina forever. You see yourself watching Pulp Fiction together while it storms outdoors. And when you finally end up dancing in the storm, you fall down on the ground and whisper into her ear: “Anywhere the wind blows, I’ll follow”.

// Marvin will be released in March 2018 //


// Marvin will be released in March 2018 // 





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